Bliss Micromarble Fireplaces

We are proud to present our exciting new brochure featuring micromarble fireplaces and surrounds from the Bliss range. Within, you will find a selection of new designs and materials accompanied by some tried and tested favourites. Honed Ariston is the new addition to our micro-grain marble range and in its own unique way will make striking statements in any home. We are continually improving and expanding our product range, regularly introducing new designs and incorporating new materials. Over years of growth our philosophy has remained constant: to supply our products exclusively through a carefully selected and approved network of retail showrooms: each one knowledgeable of our product and able to offer you, the customer, a complete and professional service. INTRODUCING THE BL ISS MICROMARBLE COLLECTION. A c a p u l c o ANSTY Pages 2-3 COMPTON Pagse 4-5 EARL Pages 6-7 FALMOUTH Pages 8-9 LUXOR Pages 10-11 A l p i n e Wh i t e ABBEY Pages 12-13 CHILMARK Pages 14-15 COMPTON Pages 16-17 DURRINGTON Pages 18-19 EDINBURGH CORBEL Pages 20-21 HEDDON Pages 22-23 MILBORNE Pages 24-25 RUSHMORE Pages 26-27 Ho n e d A r i s t o n BAVERSTOCK Pages 28-29 BOLECTION Pages 30-31 EDWARDIAN CORBEL Pages 32-33 VICTORIAN CLASSIC Pages 34-35 VICTORIAN CORBEL Pages 36-37 C r ema F i o r e CHILMARK Pages 38-39 DURRINGTON Pages 40-41 EDINBURGH CORBEL Pages 42-43 ASHLEY Pages 44-45 HEDDON Pages 46-47 HILTON Pages 48-49 MILBORNE Pages 50-51 OXFORD Pages 52-53 RUSHMORE Pages 54-55 I n f o r ma t i o n GAS & ELECTRIC FIRES Pages 56-58 FIREPLACE DIMENSIONS Pages 59-61 FEATURED MATERIALS Page 61